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  • Cardio Kickboxing

  • Kids TaeKwonDo (6 - 13yrs)

  • Adult/Teen TaeKwonDo (13yrs+)

  • Adult Jiu Jitsu (Advanced/ Blue Belt +)

  • Kids Jiu Jitsu (4 - 8yrs)

  • Kids Jiu Jitsu (8 - 16yrs)

  • Adult Jiu Jitsu (Beginners & Advanced)

  • Kids TaeKwonDo (6-13yrs)

  • Adult Jiu Jitsu Basics (Gi Only)

  • Adult Jiu Jitsu (Advanced & Fundamentals)

  • Adult Jiu Jitsu Open Mat

  • Wrestling for Jiu Jitsu (Nogi Only)

July 2024
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-Spearfish Martial Arts 

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Friday, February 21
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